Monday, July 25, 2011

when a guy ask question to his girl...

at the club... the guy dance with another girl, sensually, crazy and party non stop, his gf at the table have fun by herself and some of friends, and also watching her boy with another girl. .. but.. the girl just smile and enjoy the music spining by the DJ.

done dancing.. the guy came to her girl and try to start a conversation with her.

guy: you know babe, you're weird..
girl: keep smiling, why you said like that?
guy: if you are normal, you will be kick the chick ass... she dancing and kissing with your boy,
girl: should i ?
guy: yeah,..
girl: you want me to be like that..
guy: just remain silents and try to stop the conversation
girl: laugh.. and whisper to her boy's ears, i do get jealous, but just a little..
guy: show unsatisfaction face, because he think his girl not seriusly in love with him, just a little? k .. fine.. now i know where's my part in your heart..
girl: leave the table and go to the dance floor.. before that... she said to her boy, i got jealous  just a little because i know i can do much better than her and that's enough to make you crazy on me..

the guy just smile and follow his girl and enjoy the party..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

am i

just thinking, am i going back to the old my... ah.. nobody care, it's just ups to me... the world so damn cruel, crap, i hate this, try to change to be what we call so baik la.. urm.. i guess i'm going to be the old me. that's the way it is.

what i'm only heard , sreaming , yealing .. so hate it..
what i'm doing, keep crying.. am i that lucky?? it's we call lucky
i hate you all
nothing change
all of it just a drama that u guys make it to make it look the way u want
fuck off la.. i hate this life..

i'm  on my own now..
like before...
everything is just me...

nothing can we call happy family... crap... all of it  is just nothing... yes.. i am from a broken family?? so what?? that's make me be the way i am...
don't judge me... i don't need it..